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Driveway Construction in Auckland

If you need a new driveway in your home, get in touch with us at ODL Construction. We can help if you want to replace your existing driveway, or you need a new driveway built as part of a renovation, landscaping, or new build project.

When you come to us for driveway construction in Auckland, you will get the highest possible standards of workmanship. When we build driveways, we don’t cut corners.

We offer a comprehensive range of options, too, so you can get the driveway that matches your tastes and budget. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Driveway Construction Options

Concrete driveways
Asphalt driveways
Exposed aggregate driveways
Coloured concrete driveways
Acid washed driveways
Sealed driveways
Boarded driveways plus we can install borders on your existing driveway
Reshaped driveways, including complex designs
Paved areas and paths

Our expertise also includes:

  • Drainage – optimising the drainage on your new driveway to prevent water from pooling or running off in areas it shouldn’t
  • Widening – if you want to widen your existing driveway, we can help
  • Refurbishment – if your driveway is past its best, contact us at ODL Construction
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