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Landscape Design

Landscape Design in Auckland

At ODL Construction, we offer a comprehensive, professional, creative, and high-quality landscape design service across the Auckland area. Whether your garden or outdoor space is open and expansive or small and compact, we’ll develop a solution you love looking at and spending time in.

From landscaped areas that change with the seasons, to outside spaces that require minimal maintenance, our team will create the design you are looking for. Call us today to speak to a member of our team.

Our Process

After you hire us, we’ll spend time getting to know more about how you want the outside space to look, what you will use it for, your style tastes, and any other priorities or requirements that you have.

We’ll then use this information to develop concepts and ideas, drawing on our vast experience and knowledge in the industry.

Once you are happy with the concept, we’ll start work to implement it at your property. This includes acquiring all the materials and completing all the construction work.

In other words, we are a full-service landscaping company offering both landscape design and construction services.


What You Can Expect

Custom landscape designs
Effective Planning
Landscape Project Management
Award-Winning Landscape Design Team