Professional Landscaping & Design



Landscaping in Auckland

At ODL Construction, we create stunning outside spaces. With our landscaping services, you can get the garden of your dreams.

We have extensive experience that covers a wide range of outside spaces, from large garden areas to compact areas to unique and innovative designs. Our experience also includes outside spaces that require minimal maintenance, designs that are at one with nature, and solutions for specific requirements.

We handle all aspects of the project, too, from developing a design that meets all your needs, to completing all the work on-site. So, when you hire us, you’ll be dealing with a single contractor, saving you time, money, and hassle. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Landscaping Expertise

Hardscape elements – patios, paths, driveways, stone and rock areas, decking, etc
Softscape elements – lawns, soil, planting, colour schemes, etc
Specialist solutions – drainage, swimming pool areas, tiling, etc

When you hire us for landscaping services, you can expect the highest standards of workmanship down to the finest detail. We also use quality materials from respected manufacturers to ensure the best results.

During the landscaping construction work, we’ll operate efficiently, and we’ll cause as little disruption as possible.

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